the blindness in the woods

@ Amautalab

Well where shoul I start?

hmmm.. give me a second.

Ok lets talk about my first impression: I signed up a bit later then other participants and had to choose between two shorts: Story of Genki or The Blindness in the Woods. Guess what? When I saw this short for the first time I felt kind of irritated. I didn't expect to watch a crocheted wool porn. The logo "Cute Porn" was completley overlooked when I first started watching. Right at the beginning I felt really bored. I thought: "Ou noou! Not a boring swedish fairytale! Please!" BAM! IN MY FACE! It turned out a porn. For the whole progress I was then so damn amused and irritated at the same time. The first thing I did: sharing the link to all my friends. They felt the same as I did but were also very amused. Soon we started imitating some gestures. Especially this one:

I know it's not about 600 words but i think it's good to talk about my first impression as it calrifies my first thoughts. GIFs often tell more then 600 words. For further reading and more Inforamtion about Amautalab I can highly recommend this Interview: "CLICK".

If you whish more cool gifs just let me know!